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Adam Levine Slot | IGT

All 3D work minus big win celebration animations done by me. Big Win text animations done by Corey Stisser.

Just a few of the items, too much to list
-Guitar Picks
-All text
-Pre-Rendered WILD symbols
-Paper tears
-Logo is realtime
-Parallax backgrounds are broken up into sections and moved to give a parallax effect and keep BG moving for interest.
-Records in basegame
-Speaker in top screen
-Adam Hotel sign, pre-rendered, broken into layers to animate in unity
-Banked attracts

Came up with method to sync graphics over top & base screens at different sizes and resolutions. Also templated a way to do the sync'd attracts over 2-4 banked games.

(Top image comp and all layout designs by Shawn Lemmon, FX and TA work done by Chris Wrightson)

More artwork
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